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The road now leads onward as far as can be.

all roads lead to you, there is no journey's end.

A Journey In (Through) This Life
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When the gold thread turns black as night, you have stopped to fight
Tears in your eyes and you cannot keep on swallowing the lies
Take one deep breath with your pretty head up high, no matter what the others might say:
You will find the way.
I keep on calling, drawing you, no matter what your fears want you to believe
The truth is only yours to keep
Your young heart is pure, there is no need to weeep
These days of unease will fade
We will find the way.


This is the story of two girls whose lives have intersected through the intention of something
much greater than themselves.
Whether they be on Europe's cobbled streets, the grandest opera houses, or the quaintest cafe,
they keep one another's spirits alive, and never lose faith.
Together, they are strong, and they will achieve their dreams.

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